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Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic

Cowboy Magic was originally founded by Jim and Charlotte Cummings in 1979.  Upon their retirement, the goal was to keep the legacy of Cowboy Magic ongoing. Jim and Charlotte felt that Straight Arrow Products was the perfect fit, not only in keeping with the values of a family-owned and family-run business, but it also continues the tradition of the Cummings family, providing the Cowboy Magic products that consumers have enjoyed for 36 years. Cowboy Magic is known for providing high quality grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, and finishing sprays & gels for the equine world. 


Exhibitor's Equine

Turning a beautiful coat into a gorgeous coat… that’s Exhibitors. Intensifying the natural beauty of your show horses… that’s Exhibitors. For more than 30 years, our scientific formulas have turned superb into stunning. Our line of grooming products includes Quic Shampoo®, Quic Conditioner®, Quic Color®, Quic Black®, Quic Silver®, Quic Braid® & Quic Sheen.

Mane N' Tail

Mane N' Tail

It all started in 1970, when Phil and Bonnie Katzev realized that horse owners were using dish washing detergents and harsh cleaners as a cheap alternative for cleaning their horses. The Katzev’s raised Arabian show horses on their family farm in central NJ when they noticed the niche in the grooming industry. Show horses were in need of something to make their coats, manes and tails look healthy, shiny and beautiful


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